Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yummy yummy at Mommy Wang

I'm sure some of you tried the Fried Chicken at Pasar Malam right? I found out they actually have a shop located opposite Queensbay, quite some time ago already, but I never go and try it

Papaya Fruit Juice with milk (their recommended..but so-so for me, maybe coz my first time)

Yummy Plum Fried Potato

Noodles with Fried Chicken (below)

If not mistaken this is the Drunken Chicken Soup Set with rice.. (pardon the naming, haha)


kenwooi said...

time to have my lunch =P

jfook said...

The fried potato looks good.

ohmywtf said...

i think its wine chicken?? lol...a hakka dish ..simply love it :-P

araleling said...

hahaha, yaya that is the name!

Kelvin said...

Papaya Fruit Juice with milk is good for girls^^

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