Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yummy yummy at Indian Vege Restaurant

Our boss treated us indian vege food. It's located at the Lil Indian Street near jetty. I like the vege chicken tandoori a lot!! It's nicer than chinese vege chicken :x It's more chewy and easy to swallow. The cashmere nan is very good too! I ordered Strawberry Lassi to go with it, the Lassi is very smooth and delicious. Too bad its during lunch time, didn't get to savor the drink longer ~_~

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tooth Fairy

Watched Tooth Fairy and I love it. Hehehe, very funny to see The Rock dressed in a tights, lol, ballerina style, hahaha. I thought he'll do some wrestle move when collecting the tooth or what, hehehe. Recommended to those who like The Rock, not the action pack style but a bit of family man. Hehehe

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Worst Fortune Telling Experience

As I mentioned before, I went for fortune telling. After celebrating my friends birthdays and gathering, we spotted this fortune telling at the middle of the mall (Queensbay centre zone, forgot which floor) Then we took turns to get our fortune told.. my first friend fortune was very good, she say very accurate. Second one also almost accurate. Then when my third friend turn, it's partial accurate and he begin to intro some business here.

Then when reach my turn.. gosh.. he just told me everything bad about me.. don't even have any good stuff like my previous friend such as the career wise, studies or stuff like that.. but he told me something else.. and very very bad one.. kind of like cursing me on getting sick or tumor!! Swt.. Then he keep asking me do you have money? Wanna get further fortune told so that can help to prevent all those stuff?

I was like huh? Hello, you say me stingy, do you think I'll pay you money to do that? I do not believe that fortune telling can help to make your cancer away or avoid getting one if you are fated too... Sigh.. kinda regret listening to the fortune telling... T_T even got nightmare at that night.. What the..!!!

Another worst one was, he said if I were to got marry before 27 years old, I'll have 2 marriages. And my partner must be 5,7 or 10 years older. I was like, hello?? If I was married, is it I must get a divorce now?? And my partner is not even that age gap? Then is it must find another one? SWT!! RAWRRR!! Stupid fortune man, feel like punching him like the doodle there ~_~

Oh ya, I left before my friends, according to a friend, he intro something to them, that was suppose to help them improve or something which cost RM200!!! Siao.. But of cause my friend did not buy la.. crazy meh.. Mine also not accurate already to most of the stuff he mentioned!! Ish... He even nearly charged my friend RM50 for initial fortune telling but of cause we told him no..

Monday, January 25, 2010

Dedication for Money and Ah Min

Went out last Saturday to celebrate our friends, Money and Ah Min birthday :)
Lol, the venue like never change, always Sushi King, hahaha. I think we really should get some VIP card from them for always celebrating birthdays there. :D

It's been a while since the last time we gathered, a really good memorable experience after this while. Take care everyone :) Happy Birthday again~!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weird Nightmare...

I had the weirdest nightmare ever last night.. don't know is it some after effect shock from the fortune telling stuff.. ( will post a post about it later..) I actually dreamed that me and I think some of my family members.. cannot make out who are they.. not my parents I think.. we are traveling late in a small car.. not sure whether is Kancil or not..

Then we somehow want to reach home.. which is not an apartment, an actual ground house (we stay in apartment) but not a big one.. then before that, they are some people walking past our car and linger around..

Suddenly someone inside the car just grab our belonging and dash inside the house, we follow along.. then those people lingers around turned out to be thief!!! They followed us all this while!! Then we like running everywhere away from the house. Suddenly got one people grab me from behind, took a knife and cut a line across my back!! Not stab but cut, swt. I actually felt the pain and woke up @_@'''' I some more checked my back to see got blood or not.. swt.. Very weird nightmare le... T_T So surreal and scary.. Dream also can feel pain???

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dell : Make It Yours?

I submitted this as my entry but somehow it didn't even pass the review round.. so I guess I just post it here since I already drawn and colored it.. hahaha.. syiok sendiri ~_~

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stupid Cicak

Stupid cicak, don't want to leave my room..can say my bed!! Keep 'molesting' my bed sheet >_<
Die also die on it.. *faint* Make me too 'excited' , had trouble to sleep at night time..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stupid Green Bug!!!

Stupid green bug, don't know why at night time only the bug come invade my room's light!! I didn't even open up the window, how they fly inside T_T

Bite people also pain, make me sleep at night must cover whole body with blanket, pity my face, cover then too hot..

What season is it anyway? Why suddenly so many of this green bugs...? Go away please..

Then the next day, all die, as you can see below, dead 'body' lying everywhere...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Nice smell, but I don't like..

Smell very nice, but I don't drink coffee and liquor, so.. not good for me.. but all my friends who drink both one, say this one taste very good wo. Hohoho, hebat leh, one side milk, one side coffee, the coffee contain the liquor I think. Interesting mixture by those liqour 'creator'

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finally I get to watch Avatar

Yeah!! Finally after so many times of sold out tickets or front row seats let down, I get to watch it yesterday. Even though it had been screening since like about a month ago, but the ticket sales were still very good and hot. Hahaha.

The movie, wow, no wonder many want to watch it. It is truly a fantastic and amazing movie, with lots of wow factor in it. If you haven't watch it, faster go and see it now!! I feel like watching it in 3D this time.. >_< Wanted to watch it in 3D actually, but sold out already the tickets ~_~

The movie, make me feel like living there as well.. the beautiful scenery, living among the creatures and trees.. Not only that, you can even connect from each of the creatures and trees. They have like a human 'USB' and then just connect and download data from each other. Wow, I also want to ride on the "horse alike" and fly with the "dragon bird alike". Even the nature itself is amazing.. walking through the forest is definitely a lifetime experience.. touching those flowers, leaf and it will glow.. wah...

Really 2 thumbs up for this movie!! Those team who make the effect are amazing, they can create such beautiful things and made them like alive.. wah.. envy at their amazing knowledge, do create and produce more of this kind of movie.. so beautiful story and place..

So upset when the treehouse fell T_T stupid soldiers.. *ggrrrr* Luckily in the end, the mother nature heard Jake's prayer and 'fight' back. Hurray at the elephant rhino alike creature, haha like dinosaur also. :D

Faster go and see this movie if you haven't. So nice >_< I want 3D

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW??

Wanted to post it earlier, but haven't think of what to draw about, hahaha. Saw all these cars at Gurney last weekend, don't know why they gathered there though... @_@

Faster go buy 4D, LOL

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Good" night sleep?

I thought that finally I can have a good night sleep.. after many days of late sleep.. but don't know why I can't sleep early when I try too.. my eyes just can't shut and still very awake and alert ~_~ becoming a very bad panda right now.. T_T

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A prompt panacea for diarrhoea‏

I received this email from a friend, thought of sharing with you all here..
Quite a useful remedy, though I never tried it myself.. cheaper than buying medicine too don't you think..? :)

Exactly from the email, because there is a story behind the teller too :) Enjoy reading~~

by a Singaporean

When someone gets diarrhoea, sometimes the solution is so easy, we wonder why anyone has to suffer.

Of all the ingredients here, the most potent is Rice, but not in the usual form we eat it in, and neither would rice porridge work too well.

The secret is in rice water.

This is already known in this region. Ask your maids -- Sri Lankan, Indonesian, Filipina and they would know about it. My Malaysian relatives know about it.

(My mother) knew about it. When Dr Albert Winsemius came to Singapore for a farewell and thank you dinner in his honour, he brought along his wife Aly and his granddaughter, Jolijn. Both women came down with very bad gastroenteritis. They saw the doctor who gave them medication. It was slow to work.

Mother boiled some rice in lots of water and went to their hotel with two 1.5L bottles of rice water. I cringed in shame at the offer of this folk remedy, which seemed so primitive to me. Never heard of this cure before. To my surprise, it worked, and they were even able to go out for dinner the next day. Both were exclaiming how the rice water did the trick of making them well again. Well, lucky it worked, I thought to myself.

I was discussing this some years back with Kim Ng, the ex-matron of KK Hospital . She said, yes, that is what Professor Wong Hock Boon, the notable pediatrician teaches. I was shocked and made some comment how could he? It was common knowledge so what had he to do with it?

Many months later, I regretted laughing at it. Dr Christina Shanta Emmanuel, who is the CEO of...uh, which group I have forgotten, either National Health Group, or Polyclinics, or whatever.. regarded me seriously when I brought up the topic like it was good fun. She said that Prof Wong Hock Boon had presented a paper on it at some conference after he had done clinical trials.

Then his results were published in the Lancet, the Medical Journal all doctors read. In fact, said Shanta, he was credited for saving the lives of 2 million African babies by this method.

I am impressed.

It is rice water and not rice, that does the trick. I have found it effective again and again.


You take a handful of rice and boil it in a large saucepan with lots of water. Like three or four large glasses. Then you cool that and drink the water. If you are in a hurry to relieve the ailing person, take the saucepan off the fire and dunk it in a frying pan or basin of cool water with ice cubes if necessary. This gives the patient a chance to drink the rice water sooner and cure himself or herself sooner.

When drinking the rice water, make sure there is lots of it. You have to tell the patient that enough water must go in to line your guts from throat to other end, all 10 to 12 metres of it. If you take rice, it stays in the stomach. If you take broth, some of it may go into the small intestine.

But if you take rice water, it will carry rice grains to every inch of your small and large intestine to the end where the problem is.

How does it work? Even Prof Wong Hock Boon doesn't know. Read the article by going to this site:

It is good to pass on the news to everyone you know because the complaint is so common and people suffer unnecessarily. You would be doing your friends a great favour to relieve them of their misery when the occasion arises.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Tooth 'makeover'

Hehehe, got my tooth fixed last Saturday. I was so worried that I need to have it pluck out >_< ..can't imagine the pain... Luckily the dentist said can 'tampal' if no pain coz the tooth helps to chew food.. If you had no idea what I'm talking about, please refer to previous post, hehehe..

I still worry though.. my wisdom teeth haven't grow yet.. ah.. Hope mine can grow a small size.. so that won't have any issues..or extreme pain to deal with.. >_< **pray**

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tiple & Love Kitty

Hahahaha, that Love Kitty is my new handmade craft that is for sale.
Please forward this post to your friend or anyone you think will like it and adopt it home.
Visit here for more information of this love kitty.

Thank you for your kind and help =)

** note: sorry ah, need to 'advertise' my product >_< **

Friday, January 8, 2010

Yummy yummy at Chili's

Very good and look like ice cream leh, hehehe~~

I like this also, goes very well with honey mustard~~~
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