Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finally I get to watch Avatar

Yeah!! Finally after so many times of sold out tickets or front row seats let down, I get to watch it yesterday. Even though it had been screening since like about a month ago, but the ticket sales were still very good and hot. Hahaha.

The movie, wow, no wonder many want to watch it. It is truly a fantastic and amazing movie, with lots of wow factor in it. If you haven't watch it, faster go and see it now!! I feel like watching it in 3D this time.. >_< Wanted to watch it in 3D actually, but sold out already the tickets ~_~

The movie, make me feel like living there as well.. the beautiful scenery, living among the creatures and trees.. Not only that, you can even connect from each of the creatures and trees. They have like a human 'USB' and then just connect and download data from each other. Wow, I also want to ride on the "horse alike" and fly with the "dragon bird alike". Even the nature itself is amazing.. walking through the forest is definitely a lifetime experience.. touching those flowers, leaf and it will glow.. wah...

Really 2 thumbs up for this movie!! Those team who make the effect are amazing, they can create such beautiful things and made them like alive.. wah.. envy at their amazing knowledge, do create and produce more of this kind of movie.. so beautiful story and place..

So upset when the treehouse fell T_T stupid soldiers.. *ggrrrr* Luckily in the end, the mother nature heard Jake's prayer and 'fight' back. Hurray at the elephant rhino alike creature, haha like dinosaur also. :D

Faster go and see this movie if you haven't. So nice >_< I want 3D


Nicholas C said...

Glad you finally got to see Avatar. But if you really wanna experience it, you have to see it in 3D, guarantee you'll go "Whoaaaaaaa" Seen it 4 times ady and it's still amazing hahaha

KwOnG FeI said...

nanged yours~
3D is far better..
and luckily i managed to watch it .. with a bunch of friends..
the flowers or plants in the graden will looks glittering with 3 d..
watch again in 3d la..

angeldream said...

I watched 3d version last week, unfortunately, the picture made me feels like vomit. I can't stand the effect


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