Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stupid Green Bug!!!

Stupid green bug, don't know why at night time only the bug come invade my room's light!! I didn't even open up the window, how they fly inside T_T

Bite people also pain, make me sleep at night must cover whole body with blanket, pity my face, cover then too hot..

What season is it anyway? Why suddenly so many of this green bugs...? Go away please..

Then the next day, all die, as you can see below, dead 'body' lying everywhere...


Kelvin said...

Switch off ur lights and they will fly away~

Henry's space said...

hehe~ the bug like ur room ma~
turn off ur room light then they will go off d~ hehe~

araleling said...

I turn off hoh, then the next day, on back the light, few minutes only come back all.. I suspect they hide inside the light T_T

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