Friday, January 1, 2010

'Surprise' for 2010 =)

Happy New Year Everyone~~~ Hope you had a great countdown last night :)
As promised I said I have a surprise.. so I will let the 'comic' do the showing, hehehe...

Yup~!! I'm showing Marmalade and Tiple here for the first time. I'm not sure whether some of you might have seen it before though.. hehehe.. Hope you like them two =)


Get ready yo~~


Here you go~~~

Marmalade and Tiple

Next are some fashionable photos, lol >_<'' Marmalade wearing a hat

Tiple with a beanie hat

Hehe, "hie hie" ^_^

Hope you like this post ^_^ Happy New Year 2010 again everyone. Have a great weekend~!!


BabyMocha said...

WOW very cute and very nice :)

Happy New Year!

Kelvin said...

Very cute wor^^

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