Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 summary & 2010 Resolution

Hmmm.. let me see.. 2009.. there are many important events happened this year.. some are good and some are bad..
1) Finally graduated =3 thanks for the convo pressie, hehehe..
2) Started blogging sometime around October, along with handmade craft =D
3) Officially working.. ah... >_< getting older.. T_T
4) Watch many movies ^_^

For 2010, what's my resolution, hhmmm..
1) Getting more traffic to my blog **pray hard**
2) Buy a tablet and redesign the blog.. *kinda mission impossible*
3) Sew more rings of cats and get more sales >_<''
4) Try to lose some weight.. aiks..
5) Watch more movies and eat more and more yummy food~~ (conflict..ya i know)

Anyway... I wanna wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Have a great year in 2010~~~

PS: Do check back tomorrow or so for a 'surprise' post :P , for me is surprise la~~ But I think some of you might already seen it before.. hmm.. nvm la, come and see tomorrow or so ok? Hehehehe, lalalalala~~~


Kelvin said...

haha, will be back tomorrow.
Happy New Year^^

KimberlyMay said...

Happy New Year!

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