Thursday, December 10, 2009

Birthday Celebration for 'someone' part 3

This is the last 'mini' celebration from the previous post

We went to have lunch at tao, autocity. The place there is so different compared with e-gate tao

I eat and eat and eat until dinner also no appetite. LOL

I combined a few photos in one, because too much photos already.. laggy.. hahaha

Salmon, Scallop (my fav), tempura, steam gyoza

Fried crabstick, fried prawn mantis, grilled salmon (i think, lol), steamed unagi

Yakitori, fried dory fish, dragon fruit, abalone with wasabi mayo, dessert

Last but not least, pressie, hahaha


dreamy summer said...

Uwah!!! Tao~~~~ I want to go~~ hahahaha...
Must ask Ninja to bring me there if I visit Penang, kekekeke...

Kelvin said...

I tot red meat dragon fruit taste sweeter?

araleling said...

Don't know wo, but that place serve that white color one that day

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