Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finding for food??

Last week, we decided to dine out, eat 'chu char' at the 1st kopitiam ( I forgot the name of the shop.. located at town, along the way to pulau tikus, when coming from town path) The service there.. is very very bad.. we sat there quite some time, and the order drinks waiter/waitress didn't even bother to ask us what drinks we want.. and the 'chu char' person who take order also didn't even bother to come around when we called for her.. damn.. change to next kopitiam after that..don't want to go there again next time...

At 2nd kopitiam (Northam cafe).. don't have 'chu char' there.. aiks.. so went to 3rd kopitiam (opposite jetty.. where there is a big tree in between the shop O_O )
Finally get to order and eat.. so many people there.. but the food there is not bad only.. but very good business though.. Wanted to order the crab.. but it is so expensive!! So end up didn't order.. RM45 per kg.. >_<
Fried Seafood Eu Cha kueh with Mayonnaise (I like this =P)

Plum Chicken, not bad

Ah.. I think is fried kangkung with sambal, I ate the leaf only =X

Tofu with minced meat.. quite nice

Steamed fish

Overall not bad but quite pricey cause of the fish I guess =\

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