Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dedicated to Ninja

Hahaha, last night we celebrated our friend, Ninja's Birthday :)
Really miss those days where we hang out almost everyday, eat together and go kai kai also.
Ahh.... >_< Anyway, this post is dedicated to Ninja :) Hope you like it and Happy Birthday again, tho belated, hehehe

Our Birthday gal, the princess =D

Hope all your wishes come true ya, hehehe

Notice the 'turtle'? Lol

The gals

The guys

Everyone together :)

The rest are food photos, lol, I only snapped those nearby me only, lalalala ~~~

Lemonade, sweet sour taste, hahaha, nice~~

Chicken soup that day, better than mushroom one =x

Bun and butter

This one.. coffee lo..

Fish Mont Blanc, very good!! I like it better than Casablanca Fish

Fish and chip

Corn ice cream for the day

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dreamy summer said...

Happy Birthday, sui ja boh Ninja!!
Awww, I miss u guys... :'(
*go sob in a corner*

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