Sunday, December 13, 2009

Visit to Taiping Zoo part1

Went to Taiping last Friday. I really looking forward to visit Taiping Zoo. But didn't go to night safari since cannot take photo ~_~ I am really impressed by the way they handle this zoo. Those monkeys are swinging freely and go anywhere they like.. Lol, I kinda scared by them >_<
This bear really resemble my previous post, lol. Sleep sleep sleep

Another sleepy bear, hohoho

Pity the ostrich..the backside.. bald already >_<

Very big fish!!! The size looked like can swallow a whole human too @_@

Like the swan in the middle of the water 'ring' Hehehe

Pink 'kiwi'?? I don't know what bird is this.. but look like kiwi right?
Next is the comic.. hehehe.. Hope you get what I'm trying to say~~

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conan_cat said...

nice! i really think that taiping zoo is the better zoo than zoo negara xD those are some cute animals!

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