Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Ending Soon

2010 is ending soon and this year I think I accomplished more than 2009.

I finally went to one of the Disney land and enjoyed being a 'small kid' again, so fun wondering the wonderland and play and snap to my content. I actually brought Marmalade along too, not sure how many round he can last still.. need to find a long lasting material to make him @_@
Maybe consider making a bigger version of Marmalade and Tiple next time.. but I think it will be super funny to bring them out taking photo XD

My e-shop is doing better than 2009, hope it will be even better for 2011, although that means less sleep but it is nice when my design got acknowledge but let's hope it is acknowledge for a good reason ~_~

At work, many things happened.. I learned a lot this year.. mostly on how to become a human.. guess life is a never ending experience.. but it also helped me realize something too, and I am officially clear of that thing which is very good!

But this year, I got fatter too, thanks to all the good food I ate, LOL, but.. but... oh well.. -_-
no comment! Should I made a fatter version of Tiple? :P

Bought a hard disc, I rarely buy stuff for myself, even my HPs were passed down from my aunt, as they told me do not buy this kind of gadget.. ah.. Now should treasure my new hard disc, means I no need to delete movies after watching to store more =)

As for 2011 goals.. I guess I do have something to look for now even though usually I don't set any goals as I cannot think of anything..

Hope my weight, fat percentage will not increase anymore

Hope my e-shop sales will get better and better

Hope to go to another place next year

Hope to draw and blog more (I know I did not draw Marmalade and Tiple nowadays.. gone crazy with sewing)

Hope to come out with more designs for my craft

Hope to avoid more conflict next year

Hope to control my hungry-bad-mood-suddenly-temper (which is very hard to control unless no one is around that time and talk something or do anything that can irritate me). How to control when hungry till can shake and stuck with something that cannot solve easily, oh well. Must bring chocolate, snacks with me all the time now

Hope to get a new camera, been eyeing camera model like the one my cousin using, so nice! Most of the photos taken during the HK trip is from her camera =D Sure will look nice when taking photos for my craft, hohoho

I think that's all for now =X kinda a lot also.. aiks..
So what is your 2011 resolution? Don't forget to drop by sometimes ya! Hehehe

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vacation Shenzhen Day 2 (3rd Day) Part 2

Then later in the evening we when to China Folk Cultural Village,

After dinner, we get to watch some performance. I love watching their performance, so many colors and action =D

Amazing they managed to make a big hall out of some part of mountain, even that face stone is made part of that and can move too!

The awesome-st!!

Vacation Shenzhen Day 2 (3rd Day) Part 1

Not really yummy breakfast (hotel ~_~)

Some deco in the hotel~

They brought us to some shop as usual.. sigh.. then after waste some time here and there.. go for lunch..

Then we went to Window of the World, I really enjoyed myself there despite leg pain from extreme tiredness ^_^

Really an amazing sight for me, so many Koi fish!
Like paris tower, lol

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vacation Shenzhen Day 1 (2nd Day)

We took the LRT (I think) to Shenzhen from HK, about 45 minutes trip..

After clearing the immigration, we met the next tour guide for Shenzhen, he told us we need to 'drag' our luggage to the 'nearby' restaurant which is so far!! I think they have issue with distance estimation...

Every restaurant also will have this sort of soup served =o

Then we headed to our hotel...

Not a bad hotel.. didn't post the room photos here.. haha..

Then we went to Dong Men Road,

Tried the spicy and sour noodle, it is very very sour! and also curry fish ball

This is kinda normal

The taxi at Shenzhen is pretty cheap but the way those people drives car over there is kinda crazy and scary.. I do wonder if their accident rate is high or not.. -_-

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vacation HK Day 2

Started our day with awesome breakfast =D

Warm porridge

Glutinous steamed rice wrapped in lotus leaf

Fried poh piah

Assorted Dimsum

Chee cheong fun

After our breakfast, they brought us to visit some jewelery making shop (which I think is kinda boring... I mean what is the point of going there anyway -_-)
Then after 'wasting time' there, we went for early lunch O_O,

We had the famous pun choi (assorted meats, veges in a pot)

It was nice, but the soup is slightly salty

Then we went to visit another temple before heading to Shenzhen...

Over there we met this celebrity, Lee Sing Cheung, and took photo with him, hahaha

Monday, December 27, 2010

Vacation HK Day 1 Part 4

We went to Madame Tussauds after that, where many 'celebrities' are posing there

Then as usual, we went for dinner~ Dishes in HK (for our trip) are always many varieties and quite big portion

Siu Ngor (Goose) is a must in HK

Most of their building are well lighted with Xmas design =D
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