Monday, December 27, 2010

Vacation HK Day 1 Part 3

After exploring 'Lui Yan Kai', we headed to a temple, known as 'Thousand Age Door', Qian Sui Men (I know my direct translation is.. lol.. anyway)

Hehe, stick a sticker in case got mixed up with other tour group

Many people try to throw coin into the fish mouth

This one is the big hit, a lot of people line up to touch the money god statue

*Marmalade also took the opportunity to take some photo*

This is is like the one I saw in Chow Sing Chi Movie, the one he become cookery god

Dry the fish O_O

The tourist guide told us Lee Kar Sing's boat also there, but don't know which one.. wah really like what I see in the drama series leh..

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