Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vacation HK Day 2

Started our day with awesome breakfast =D

Warm porridge

Glutinous steamed rice wrapped in lotus leaf

Fried poh piah

Assorted Dimsum

Chee cheong fun

After our breakfast, they brought us to visit some jewelery making shop (which I think is kinda boring... I mean what is the point of going there anyway -_-)
Then after 'wasting time' there, we went for early lunch O_O,

We had the famous pun choi (assorted meats, veges in a pot)

It was nice, but the soup is slightly salty

Then we went to visit another temple before heading to Shenzhen...

Over there we met this celebrity, Lee Sing Cheung, and took photo with him, hahaha

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dreamy summer said...

Hahaha... the point is for them to get commission when you buy any of the jewelery... Heh.. It's one of the thing I dislike about tour packages. Sigh...

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