Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 summary & 2010 Resolution

Hmmm.. let me see.. 2009.. there are many important events happened this year.. some are good and some are bad..
1) Finally graduated =3 thanks for the convo pressie, hehehe..
2) Started blogging sometime around October, along with handmade craft =D
3) Officially working.. ah... >_< getting older.. T_T
4) Watch many movies ^_^

For 2010, what's my resolution, hhmmm..
1) Getting more traffic to my blog **pray hard**
2) Buy a tablet and redesign the blog.. *kinda mission impossible*
3) Sew more rings of cats and get more sales >_<''
4) Try to lose some weight.. aiks..
5) Watch more movies and eat more and more yummy food~~ (conflict..ya i know)

Anyway... I wanna wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Have a great year in 2010~~~

PS: Do check back tomorrow or so for a 'surprise' post :P , for me is surprise la~~ But I think some of you might already seen it before.. hmm.. nvm la, come and see tomorrow or so ok? Hehehehe, lalalalala~~~

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yummy yummy at BBQ Steamboat

We went to the one opposite UMNO building, along Macalister Road.. Hehe, many people lo

This one looked like Hershey's chocolate shape XD so cute~~

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yummy yummy at The Ship

Hehe, our uncle treated us dinner at The Ship. The food were yummy and so are the priced (>_<) so expensive!! Thank you so much uncle =3 **I made the food photos in one so it is easier for viewing and loading as well.. don't wanna waste the space =P**

Monday, December 28, 2009

The 'F' Disease

After few days of non stop eating... this is what Tiple became.. swt...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Genting Trip part2

Lol, one of the 'ghost' from haunted house

Sing a long Christmas song, Cantonese version @_@

No give me luck that day ~_~

Genting Trip part1

Golden Fried Rice, taste good actually, but the portion so BIG, you can share this with your friends, I had some difficulties to finish it >_<

Warm up yourself with this, hehe, so cold in Genting Highland, near Xmas so misty, outdoor park also close ~_~

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Eat eat in KL part 3

Went to eat dim sum before setting our journey to Genting Highland.
This dim sum restaurant is located along SS2, the restaurant is easy to notice as you can see many people there... Sometimes, you need to take number when the queue get too long..

This is my fav there, the fried skin is stuff with scallop, prawn and salted eye yolk, yummy~~
Fried calamari with curry powder, not bad

This is very unique, my first time had this, known as 'sah pau'

Inside you can see the creamy sauce flowing out once you bite the pau. The yellow sauce is made from egg yolk, not recommended to those who dislike sweet stuff as it is very very sweet

Friday, December 25, 2009

Exchange gift fun? It suck BIG time at times -_-

Sorry for being a whiner even during this festive day, but I just can't help it but to post it out, to voice out my dissatisfaction! It keep rotating in my mind along with other stuff...
I thought exchanging present was suppose to be happy and it does not matter whether the gift you got is big or small.. great.. mine was the smallest gift (does size really matter a lot??) yesterday when we exchange time.. and it even got boo-ed =_= ya maybe it was small and suck but still lucky I got a super nice friend who wanted it, then lucky the rightful owner got it instead of people who can't appreciate handmade craft.. I am glad that my 8-9hours of hardwork is being appreciated.. hmph.. boo on you guys..

It makes me realize also.. is it that my handmade craft got some issue with the guys from my course mates??? First it was my peach that got criticized..I forgot what was it already.. then my Lemon, (ok fine my lemon imagination is not good), then my cat was the most pity one..."look like it having depression"..."cacat"... sigh... then now my flower is the next victim... is it so bad my handmade stuff..?????? I wouldn't mind people criticize my work when they are better than me or at least can sew, since they would understand the hardwork behind it..hmphh....

So I made up my mind, no more handmade craft as gift next time! And I will not even let those guys to view my stuff again, except one, since we always exchange ideas. Other than they view themselves in other place, oh well.. I can't do anything bout that..

Belows are the photos of the item that the people get.. and get complained about..

There is another bag.. but I didn't take photo of it (and I admit it is for gal, since initially the plan was like that.. somehow in the end become another plan..)

The flower:

The Christmas wreath:

Seriously.. is it that bad...?? Sigh.... :'(

PS: I was suppose to post update on my trip.. I will continue it tomorrow.. thanks to who actually read this.. And Merry Christmas..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Eat eat in KL part 2

Hehe, just got food photos, this one is another restaurant (forgot the restaurant name already.. >_< "Eng Chai" with anchovies (ok la for me, nt vege eater)

Chicken with watermelon balls (taste good, yummy)

Tofu with vegetables

Fishy, yummy~ (er.. forgot what is the name..)

Eat eat in KL part 1

Fried snails.. (this is what my cousin told me @_@)

This fish cost more than RM100 -_-'' unbelievable for me...

Mantou goes well with crab sweet and sour sauce, mmm

Yay, my fav ^_^
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