Monday, May 31, 2010

My Sweetheart Smells Like Pure

For me, sometimes I cannot tolerate some people who put on, extremely, exaggerating amount of perfume or cologne. I find it very hard to breath if the smell is too much. It might even make me feel sick for the time around those people as I will keep sneezing or just feeling dizzy. I wonder why people like to put so much of the perfume or cologne.

They should try deodorant if they worry about bad smells when sweat. Actually wearing perfume or cologne, I think if they sweat a lot, it will not help, instead might cause the reverse action. It might smell worst and even stained clothes.
Lucky for us now, Adidas 3 deodorants are anti-whitening, they are even free of alcohol! I like my sweetheart smells like Pure as it is unscented protection against perspiration. So it will not irritate me and he might retain his own smell as well, if you know what I meant =P

I like the smell of Fresh as well as it has cooling protection which make him always fresh =D
The sensitive one sounds good too, I wonder if apply all 3 what will happen... make him become pure, fresh and caring? LOL, think too much already.

Anyway, do sit back and enjoy the latest episode =)

Ep 40/49 - Project Alpha S2

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Yummy yummy at Winter Warmers

Look at their shelves, so many variety of tea flavors

I like this a lot! Caffeine free tea, can drink the whole pot myself =P

Grilled fish with side dish swirl pasta

Cheese baked pasta with seafood, yummy~

It's been a while since the last time I went to Winter Warmers, probably a year? or more.. I was attracted to try it again when I noticed many ordered the pot drinks, kinda tempting to try it myself. =P hehe, I know, very 'tam chiak' (glutton again)

Should try it when receive paycheck, as a pot cost almost RM10.. share it with friends then will not so pain.. haha

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celebrities Who Stink

This week the topic is celebrities who stink. Well, I think that wrestlers in WWE counted as celebrities also right? Mostly wrestlers always grab each other around, or smack each other or even throw them here and there. When so much movement involved and due to some of the big size wrestlers, the small one will be easily grab by the larger size wrestler. They do not even wear a shirt over their top, and you can see all those sweats flowing down.. For me, I will have to go with Rikishi (sorry to those fans out there, please don't headbutt me or do me the 'stinky move') as the celebrities who stink this week.

He is a wrestler therefore he do a lot of exercising and sweat a lot. He is quite big size and seeing him always do the 'signature move' I think it is better for him to apply some, ok not some, but a lot of deodorant to cover his bad smell that he make towards other people. Though the deodorant is not design for that area... but it still can be apply at the outer area part. Hahaha

I think it will help other wrestlers who is the victims to not smell so bad or actually fainted after that, hahaha. Please do not kill me to all his fan out there >_<

Deodorants really help to cover the bad smell from sweats. Look good, smell good and free from sweaty feeling too

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This is an advertorial post for Project Alpha Season 2. Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Yummy yummy Yong Tau Fu

Dry Hakka Mee with minced meats

Varieties of fried food, I like wantan and prawn roll ^_^

Each serving come with a bowl of soup (The fishball and others is self add on)

This shop is usually full when around lunch/dinner time. The price is acceptable. They have many different add on where you can choose from. They even have chicken legs (those who want extra collagen), small pat pou chicken and more, lol.. ** getting hungry, swt **

It is located along the shop houses. You can see this shop when you are driving from the Sungai Nibong bus stop to Queensbay, just right before going up the fly over, there is a row of shop houses at the right. It is located quite middle. (Bad at giving direction, hahaha)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

McDonald Double Burger

Went to try this Double McChicken.. Actually I found out that the burger meat is kinda thinner than usual (not so sure, I usually ate nuggets) so it is like the same only, but I did remove one piece so it is easier to eat.

As for the mango peach sundae... umm... I think I prefer chocolate/strawberry sundae better..

Monday, May 24, 2010

Yummy yummy Chu Cha at Farlim

This chu cha place is near the Bandar Baru Supermarket. Many people came here to have their dinner, if you are coming in a large number, can try reserve the table first if not need to wait for a free table. The tables are spread till opposite the restaurant, the waitress always need to cross the road to take order and deliver the food.

Pat pou chicken, yummy!! The sauce is quite concentrated, make it even more delicious~~

I think it is cat fish, with tofu if not mistaken

Salad prawn!! Yummy!

Sapo tofu, I like this too

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Football, when we first heard about football. One will pictured it as sweaty, hot and sticky images. It might make some do not like to do any sports due those facts. Some thinks that being sweaty, will lead to body odor and smell bad.. thus leading to some avoiding them because they stinks!

Nowadays, with more and more sportsmen and sportswomen, Adidas definitely come into the picture as they offer many varieties of merchandise such as apparels, bags, body care items, and even accessories too!

One can do sports and look good! When worry about body odor, just grab one of those body odor combat spray and apply them. Worry about sensitive skin? Adidas has varieties of deodorant that you can pick from to suit your skin type.

As for looking good, one can get sports wear in many different color and designs. They are designed to make you look good and comfortable as well. Worry not about being all sweaty, stinky and lose the appeal to others.

Some actually prefer the sweaty one too =P

While we are all in football craze right now, let's not forget about the interesting videos by Project Alpha Season 2 as well. Sit back and relax while watching them =) They are visiting the zoo which is very interesting!

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Hope you enjoyed them as I did =) I really like to visit zoo, it is so exciting!

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Don't forget =D

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

Hope you like the short comic I made for this competition.

Went to try the new flavor, Fish King Pizza. The photo looks very promising. Hehe. I cannot wait for the pizza to make it entrance. Ordered several other add-ons beside the pizza.

Out of all the bread, I like garlic bread the best =)

I kinda like this photo

Masala chicken flavor

So yummy ^_^

Even my dad like the criss-cut fries =D

Then the pizza came! I just got a question, where is the lemon? Hahaha

I like it! Remind me of last time I used to ate the fish finger sticks at home. Mmmm

Hope you enjoyed reading my moments with Pizza Hut's new flavor, Fish King Pizza. If you like to enter the contest as well, check it out here

Thank you everyone =)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Curry Month at Sushi King

Yum yum! Okay, lunch time now =P
*I only tried one. Will try others next time~~ *

I'm having lucky draw here : Come and join~!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Big Sales & Lucky Draw

Hi, my handmade store is having a Big Sales & Lucky Draw right now

Do visit : araleling handmade

Thanks for your support and love =3

Friday, May 14, 2010

Iritating night

I'm starting to wonder.. my room is like able as home for lizards, cockroach and bees???
Swt... I did not even eat in my room to attract them T_T

Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Many Wiggies?

Want to do something fun? Count how many wiggies are there in the picture =)
Then tweet your answer to @ProjectAlphaMY and @P1W1MAX, and include the hashtag #wiggycount. The first 10 correct/closest guesses will win a P1 bag each

My guess is 218 wiggies =)

Enjoy some of the episodes here too:

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This is an advertorial post for Project Alpha Season 2. Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Company Annual Dinner at Equatorial Hotel Buffet Style

Last weekend, our company annual dinner was held at Equatorial Hotel. It is a buffet style dinner. Quite many varieties considering each person was about RM100++ which is so expensive!! But they do not have any special food like seafood or what... I rather go to Batu Ferringgi Spice Garden for their buffet, got lobster, crayfish and some other seafoods.. hahaha..

But it is still a good night, but too bad I did not won the lucky draw -_-
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