Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

Hope you like the short comic I made for this competition.

Went to try the new flavor, Fish King Pizza. The photo looks very promising. Hehe. I cannot wait for the pizza to make it entrance. Ordered several other add-ons beside the pizza.

Out of all the bread, I like garlic bread the best =)

I kinda like this photo

Masala chicken flavor

So yummy ^_^

Even my dad like the criss-cut fries =D

Then the pizza came! I just got a question, where is the lemon? Hahaha

I like it! Remind me of last time I used to ate the fish finger sticks at home. Mmmm

Hope you enjoyed reading my moments with Pizza Hut's new flavor, Fish King Pizza. If you like to enter the contest as well, check it out here

Thank you everyone =)


ohmywtf said...

wow...did know the fish sticks really that huge in size! hope u win! :-)

iknow said...

So cute, but dont let TIPLE continue eating more, else will become watermelon....

daidai bel said...

wow looks so yummy drools

Kelvin said...

Hahahahahaha, nice excuse, fish sticks swam away!

SonnyKazu said...

the fish nice eh... but hard to catch cuz they are quite hot! :D

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