Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yummy yummy at Subway

Went to try this last night for dinner. Not bad, but somehow I prefer KL one, LOL
The guys there still new I think.. haha, not so efficient yet >_<

Ordered Teriyaki Chicken, yum yum, I still like the Ham one best :P


kenwooi said...

i have never dined in subway before in my life.. almost did in dublin, but went for burger king instead =P

dreamy summer said...

hey... i haven't tried the chicken teriyaki.. nice ar? haha.. good to hear QB got Subway adi ^^

araleling said...

not bad lor, hahaha but I picked wrong sauce already, become the teriyaki taste gone, lol

Kelvin said...

Finally, Tiple!!!! XD

Anonymous said...
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Mandy Ling said...

Subway have some nice sandwiches.

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