Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yummy yummy Yong Tau Fu

Dry Hakka Mee with minced meats

Varieties of fried food, I like wantan and prawn roll ^_^

Each serving come with a bowl of soup (The fishball and others is self add on)

This shop is usually full when around lunch/dinner time. The price is acceptable. They have many different add on where you can choose from. They even have chicken legs (those who want extra collagen), small pat pou chicken and more, lol.. ** getting hungry, swt **

It is located along the shop houses. You can see this shop when you are driving from the Sungai Nibong bus stop to Queensbay, just right before going up the fly over, there is a row of shop houses at the right. It is located quite middle. (Bad at giving direction, hahaha)


jfook said...

I love yong tao fu too!

Kelvin said...

Nuff nuff^^

araleling said...

Kelvin - what is nuff nuff a? enough enough? haha

v!vi@n said...

love love....hakka food^^

kumfye said...

if you really want to eat really nice yong tau should come my hometown ampang...ampang yong tau fu famous

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