Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celebrities Who Stink

This week the topic is celebrities who stink. Well, I think that wrestlers in WWE counted as celebrities also right? Mostly wrestlers always grab each other around, or smack each other or even throw them here and there. When so much movement involved and due to some of the big size wrestlers, the small one will be easily grab by the larger size wrestler. They do not even wear a shirt over their top, and you can see all those sweats flowing down.. For me, I will have to go with Rikishi (sorry to those fans out there, please don't headbutt me or do me the 'stinky move') as the celebrities who stink this week.

He is a wrestler therefore he do a lot of exercising and sweat a lot. He is quite big size and seeing him always do the 'signature move' I think it is better for him to apply some, ok not some, but a lot of deodorant to cover his bad smell that he make towards other people. Though the deodorant is not design for that area... but it still can be apply at the outer area part. Hahaha

I think it will help other wrestlers who is the victims to not smell so bad or actually fainted after that, hahaha. Please do not kill me to all his fan out there >_<

Deodorants really help to cover the bad smell from sweats. Look good, smell good and free from sweaty feeling too

In case you missed out the videos:

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Kelvin said...

Can see u are earning a lot from them^^

araleling said...

Kelvin - Hope so, I missed out the weekly project alpha post quite a lot, this one I spotted when I was about to off my computer, lol!

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