Monday, May 24, 2010

Yummy yummy Chu Cha at Farlim

This chu cha place is near the Bandar Baru Supermarket. Many people came here to have their dinner, if you are coming in a large number, can try reserve the table first if not need to wait for a free table. The tables are spread till opposite the restaurant, the waitress always need to cross the road to take order and deliver the food.

Pat pou chicken, yummy!! The sauce is quite concentrated, make it even more delicious~~

I think it is cat fish, with tofu if not mistaken

Salad prawn!! Yummy!

Sapo tofu, I like this too


jfook said...

I wanna try the sapo tofu. Looks delicious..

ohmywtf said...

love salad prawn! well, only if they remove the skin, or watever they call it :-P

kumfye said...

sapo taufu or mapo taufu...crispy prawn with salad sauce was the best combination ever...

Kelvin said...

Tofu! I love tofu~ And tat looks delicious^^

Anonymous said...

the sapo tofu looks nice : )

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