Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vacation Shenzhen Day 1 (2nd Day)

We took the LRT (I think) to Shenzhen from HK, about 45 minutes trip..

After clearing the immigration, we met the next tour guide for Shenzhen, he told us we need to 'drag' our luggage to the 'nearby' restaurant which is so far!! I think they have issue with distance estimation...

Every restaurant also will have this sort of soup served =o

Then we headed to our hotel...

Not a bad hotel.. didn't post the room photos here.. haha..

Then we went to Dong Men Road,

Tried the spicy and sour noodle, it is very very sour! and also curry fish ball

This is kinda normal

The taxi at Shenzhen is pretty cheap but the way those people drives car over there is kinda crazy and scary.. I do wonder if their accident rate is high or not.. -_-

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