Sunday, December 19, 2010

Journey back home after fun vacation

I wanted to blog about this before sharing my experience on my vacation to Hong Kong. The journey back to home was truly 'exciting' and I think it will be hard to forget and I definitely don't want to experience it again. Hahaha, but seriously never thought this will happen to us too..

We started driving back to Penang from Kuala Lumpur around 11.30am. At almost 1pm, suddenly the car react weirdly, like lost some balance, so we immediately stopped by the roadside at the emergency lane. We had a flat -_-

We are at lost on what to do, since we don't know how to change our own tyre.. yikes.. called another aunty for help...

After few minutes, suddenly a truck stopped beside me. They are patrolling around the highway and they helped us to change the tyre. We were considered very lucky to have it fix immediately. The uncle told us, "tayar terkoyak". We were surprised to hear that.

Later on, I learned from my dad when I reached home, that we should not pump too much air pressure when traveling on long distance... I think too much air pressure caused this to explode @_@

Then we continue our journey after that.. We stopped a while for toilet break.. After that we continue driving.. and after like 30 minutes later, we felt warm inside the car, the air cond is not working.. then my aunt spotted the radiator sign pointing to H, omg, we faster stop the car. Actually we are considered lucky despite that twice also have emergency lane to stop our car...

We went out and stay further away from the car, fearing it might explode or something..
Called the plusline this time.. A mechanic somehow spotted us, and checked our car.. told us that the fan got corroded and stuck, and something else caused the water cannot flow, resulting on one side is cold and the other hot.

After further checking and waiting for the thing to cool down, to our dismay, the heat caused the casket burned and water entered some other parts including the engine as well.. our car cannot start anymore -_-'' so.. we got pulled down further so that the mechanic can take our car to his workshop...

After the plusline truck pull our car further down, the mechanic called another truck to tow the car to his work shop..

At the workshop, we learned that the repairing will takes days and cannot be done on that day itself.. We are left with 2 choices, either we took the bus home or towed the car back home..
So, we take the bus home, he sent us to the bus station, and took bus back to Penang from Ipoh..
Our luggage are not small in size and quantity as well..
Carry and drag them around like crazy.. And we reached home at around 9pm..

So.. from this journey back home I learned few things:
1) Do not over pump the tyre
2) Must make sure you note down all the emergency phone number
3) Must check the water and fan, make sure they are working properly
4) When service car, must make sure the tank is clean once a year especially if you are frequent long distance traveler
5) Have some food and water inside the car, so incase got stuck won't panic or hungry, LOL

These are what I can think of now.. haha.. will blogged about my trip soon =)


dreamy summer said...

@_@ must be scary... one after another... where were u when the car broke down? halfway back? indeed unforgettable...

araleling said...

when the heater went up? Just reached Ipoh not long.. hehe..

missknits said...

eeeek!! glad you are ok!! is car fixed yet??? very scary!! probably not an adventure you want to have again huh!

araleling said...

@mk : yeah! definitely no,no
I will try to stop by the thread more often =)

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