Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Good" night sleep?

I thought that finally I can have a good night sleep.. after many days of late sleep.. but don't know why I can't sleep early when I try too.. my eyes just can't shut and still very awake and alert ~_~ becoming a very bad panda right now.. T_T


kenwooi said...

i also have this bad habit of sleeping very late at night.. =S

Evil Toufu said...

That's call Insomnia. Usually playing games, watching dramas or movies at the late midnight is the root cause. When you start to have running nose, it means thing get worse.

There're a lot of treatments but I'll share 2 type of 99.9999% effective treatments based on self-experiments.

Happy sleeping

1) Take 1 or 2 tablet of sleepy cold medicine. With a glass of warm water, 10 minutes b4 you sleep around 9-10pm. It works more effective given if you are suffering from runny nose. It's better than taking the sleeping pills,

2) Make your stomach full,, not advisable, all your blood goes to your stomach, makes you sleepy. Eat and sleep will only cause burden to your stomach, you'll get puffy too if you do it frequently.

But still, don't do that frequently. It's just helps your body will starts to adjust back to the normal sleeping time you desire.

dreamy summer said...

koRnholio said...

hahaa i have a bad habit like that too till i started work! hahahaha... now by 1130 already yawning like crazy...

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