Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weird Nightmare...

I had the weirdest nightmare ever last night.. don't know is it some after effect shock from the fortune telling stuff.. ( will post a post about it later..) I actually dreamed that me and I think some of my family members.. cannot make out who are they.. not my parents I think.. we are traveling late in a small car.. not sure whether is Kancil or not..

Then we somehow want to reach home.. which is not an apartment, an actual ground house (we stay in apartment) but not a big one.. then before that, they are some people walking past our car and linger around..

Suddenly someone inside the car just grab our belonging and dash inside the house, we follow along.. then those people lingers around turned out to be thief!!! They followed us all this while!! Then we like running everywhere away from the house. Suddenly got one people grab me from behind, took a knife and cut a line across my back!! Not stab but cut, swt. I actually felt the pain and woke up @_@'''' I some more checked my back to see got blood or not.. swt.. Very weird nightmare le... T_T So surreal and scary.. Dream also can feel pain???


pying said...

hate nightmare...when i once dreamt that my parents were dead and i found my face wet when i woke up:(

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jfook said...

I hate nightmare too.

Kelvin said...

I once dreamt of holding 2 swords fighting in war. The dream was damn real and i am sweating all over. Maybe i sleepwalk at the same time fighting?

kenwooi said...

i do encounter weird scary dreams once in a while.. crazy huh? =P

araleling said...

Hate nightmare..
@pying : that's scary..
@jfook : yalor.. really hate it!!
@kelvin : wah... then sooner you'll gain muscle already
@kenwooi : u keep having nightmare? :S

Theeggyolks said...

i do have nightmare..but due to my short term memory, i forget them very quickly -_-"

dreamy summer said...

lol... remember my small presentation abt dreams? hahaha... dream is a funny thing..

rossoneri said...

i think abt 3 times, dreamt abt me killing my sis,i dunno why, i love her so dat's weird,
also, i had this dream, i killed myself, n i can't breath n my sight blur..dreams always weird..

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