Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Worst Fortune Telling Experience

As I mentioned before, I went for fortune telling. After celebrating my friends birthdays and gathering, we spotted this fortune telling at the middle of the mall (Queensbay centre zone, forgot which floor) Then we took turns to get our fortune told.. my first friend fortune was very good, she say very accurate. Second one also almost accurate. Then when my third friend turn, it's partial accurate and he begin to intro some business here.

Then when reach my turn.. gosh.. he just told me everything bad about me.. don't even have any good stuff like my previous friend such as the career wise, studies or stuff like that.. but he told me something else.. and very very bad one.. kind of like cursing me on getting sick or tumor!! Swt.. Then he keep asking me do you have money? Wanna get further fortune told so that can help to prevent all those stuff?

I was like huh? Hello, you say me stingy, do you think I'll pay you money to do that? I do not believe that fortune telling can help to make your cancer away or avoid getting one if you are fated too... Sigh.. kinda regret listening to the fortune telling... T_T even got nightmare at that night.. What the..!!!

Another worst one was, he said if I were to got marry before 27 years old, I'll have 2 marriages. And my partner must be 5,7 or 10 years older. I was like, hello?? If I was married, is it I must get a divorce now?? And my partner is not even that age gap? Then is it must find another one? SWT!! RAWRRR!! Stupid fortune man, feel like punching him like the doodle there ~_~

Oh ya, I left before my friends, according to a friend, he intro something to them, that was suppose to help them improve or something which cost RM200!!! Siao.. But of cause my friend did not buy la.. crazy meh.. Mine also not accurate already to most of the stuff he mentioned!! Ish... He even nearly charged my friend RM50 for initial fortune telling but of cause we told him no..


kenwooi said...

hmm.. fortune telling is sometimes inaccurate..
cant really rely on what they've said.. =)


Kelvin said...

fortune telling is a kind of possiblities Maths...they just guessing and playing with their words..

dreamy summer said...

lol... no need to believe him lah... he just want to con u all to spend money... haha.. say some good stuff first, then scare u with the bad stuff...

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