Monday, September 6, 2010

Yummy yummy at Sungai Pinang

Instead of eating the 'usual' food I tried something else this time, of course I ordered one only.. the rest my parents eat one ~_~ I 'curi-curi' taste =P

Dim sum, taufu with meat

Chicken wings (usually I don't eat this.. I ate the small drumstick part only)

Jawa Mee

Cuttle fish with rojak sauce

I forgot this.. erm..

Shan Zha mee (not sure the spelling) But the portion of the fried mee is a lot! I like the fried chicken =3


Kelvin said...

I know tat dish but also forgot the name XD

Henry's space said...

u didnt order ikan bakar ar? quite nice o~

araleling said...

got, tried few times before =)

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