Monday, November 22, 2010

Neighbourhood house on fire

I'm back from my 'short' vacation. So fun, going to KL and genting =D
Went to play 'money arcade' somemore XD but luck not with me that time..

Will blog more soon, been neglecting my blog for sometime now..

On the side note.. a house was on fire yesterday during 6pm ++
Luckily the neighbors noticed and helped to put it out. The house owner was not around that time. I was told that they broke the house door and window @_@ now they need to renovate the whole house again.. as some of the electric was burnt as well.. yikes.. lucky didn't affect the whole building else.. don't know how many days without electricity already..

The firemen came a while later after the fire was put out. Quite many firetruck turned up. My uncle told me got 3 then later on my dad told me even some further one came down too. Wah..

They said the cause of fire was because of the oil from the praying pot.. It must have topple over and cause the fire to spread through the oil.. yikes.. better take extra caution when light this items inside the house next time, don't leave it unattended..


d3b...* said...

yikes! glad you are ok and that it didn't spread through the building!

araleling said...

yeah =S

Kelvin said...

Was anyone hurt?

araleling said...

luckily no one was hurt =)
they not around when that happen

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