Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yummilicious at Fish Manhattan Giant Platter

Like many people, I also like to purchase online discount coupon from Groupon, Living Social, Deals and many more. Yes, call me cheap skate or whatever but I think it is a good opportunity for me to try new food in the restaurant or explore new shops or maybe old one but never been too just because of never try before or nobody or no reason to go there.

Recently, the voucher we bought is the Fish Manhattan Giant Platter deal. It came with a plate of salads, mussels, 2 gummy bears drinks and the giant platter. Frankly, although it was meant for 2 person as according to deal they put up, I think 3 can share it or 4 for small eaters as the portion is too much for 2 person. We even had it pack back because we could not finish the giant platter after having the salad, mussels :S

Gummy Bears Drinks
Mussels with bread (tasted almost like clam chowder :3)

Salads (kinda sweet)

Quite handful of prawns, fish cutlets and squids

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