Friday, May 3, 2013

Trying new stuff :3 Etude House products

Give you a bit of warm sensation but I dont really see the result.. so.. I still using it but the thing got a bit hard, so harder to apply now..

Just started to use this a daily facial wash, not sure whether it made any difference or not coz the last time I don't wash my face daily.. just wash with water >_< Hope this will help to clear some of the nose black head..
annoying -_-

What amazing is when you put the toner/moisturizer the thing will expand into a mask sheet O_O 

I like this! My face skin always peeling .. so I thought of giving this a try, it help to moisture my face skin and now no more skin peeling :D

Nice fruity smell, make the skin soft and nice after use :) Haven't try the honey one yet

These are some of the free samples they gave.. the white and green packet contained the moisturizer and toner 

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