Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We had all sort of dreams.. sweet dream, nightmare, something fall on you, some weird dreams with alien or what so.. But does all these dreams significant any meaning? I had a worst nightmare yesterday.. it was so real and I somehow actually felt all the intense, frustration, heart broken and all and woke up suddenly with my body very very warm and my heart beating quite fast.. I really hope that it will not happen in real life else that is very cruel.. to be treated like what I dreamed is really very cruel and will be very very heart broken.. like being played by 2 person that you care for.. One told me that if you dreamed something like that.. it will not turned out worst than that.. I really do hope so now.. else.. it somehow in a way gonna kill a person mentally and physically too I guess..

The wound will be worst than this -_- something painful that I had for quite some time...


Siah said...

what caused the wound??

araleling said...

paint ball.. lol

Henry's space said...

ei?? when u went for it again???
dun tell me this is the mark leave behind during our last game wor~
Anyway~ take care~

araleling said...

This one last time one la.. lol I dont wan go for paint ball anymore ~_~ unless I get to inflict the pain to others.. Nola no leave mark.. if got I faint lo.. just reminder to self.. so hard to heal the lebam lo, so big @_@

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