Sunday, February 28, 2010

CNY Dinner at Restaurant

I forgot the restaurant name.. but the main is at Chinese Recreation Club, this branch is located inside the Red Rock Hotel one. At town area there, hehehe.

Do you feel like whenever eating these sorta course meals at restaurant during people's wedding or celebration, it is like a battlefield? I somehow had this feeling, if you do not hurry then you will not get the food already, lol XD *I know I know I very tam ciak~~~ glutton!!*

Hehe 8 course meals again and this time with 2 type of desserts =D


Tekkaus said...

Makes me hungry already. I wanna eat yee sang and shark fins. :p said...

little tomato ready to be served ! lolz

araleling said...

hehehe, its apple actually XD

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