Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Why I like it longer? The word longer already sounds better than shorter. Longer is better in the sense of..

Longer sleeping time. Sleep time for at least 8hours are the best.. which most people fail to do so..

When get enough sleep, we will become healthy and look our best. Pimples free, smooth skin :D

Longer time, allow us to do our favorite sports such as swimming, play badminton and more..

We can even have time to practice our skill. I can spend more time on my handmade and practice clay modeling :D

Longer and better quality camera allow us to capture photo at anytime and anywhere without the need to carry an extra camera with us :) Good for food and scenery capture!!

We can even zoom in to the photo and do not need to scroll so much with longer screen. Such as ease, right?

With a stretched 21:9 ratio HD panoramic display, we can view our favorite videos and experiencing the cinema-like screen.

Longer battery hour, we can chat with our loved ones on the handphone for longer hours without worrying it got cut off in the middle of our conversations. (can avoid the misunderstanding, if you know what I meant ;) )

We can even use it to play our favorite music and have your own dancing session at home :D no need to feel embarrassed dancing in the public or other places.

And imagine..if Tiple has 'longer' legs... He will be as tall as Marmalade @_@ (But I think Tiple look cuter when he is tiny :P)

So longer is definately better!! :D

This post is for the ‘Why I Like It Longer’ contest :D


Kelvin said...

hahaha, Tiple looks a bit scary when long^^

Theeggyolks said...

hey! finally an entry from you :D good luck!

araleling said...

@Kelvin : Hahaha, ya, he stay tiny better :P
@Theeggyolks : Hehe, thanks :) try try only

Mizzsharon said...

great idea u!!! =)

Munn said...

hahaha it is so cute! :D

Tekkaus said...

Now that's very creative. :D

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