Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Indian Wedding, 1st time

Last Saturday, it was my first time attending an Indian Wedding dinner. I was wondering how will it be, is it like our Chinese style? Malay style? Or other style that I never seen before?

We reached the place at 7.30pm as stated in the invitation card. We was surprised that not many people was there yet...even the bridegroom and bride.. Looks like.. it is Chinese style, where the event start 1 hour later from the time printed.. At about 8.30pm, the event started.. with the couples walking inside the hall, followed by both their parents :) Some people pop those confetti around them, it was beautiful.

After walking inside they sat on the 2 chairs prepared for them on stage, then the couples begin to cut the wedding cake and toast among their family members. So, I guess that Indian wedding dinner is half of each, cake cutting and toast (time also :P) resembles the Chinese where else the 2 chairs and buffet resembles the Malay :)

The bride and bridegroom, with flowers ring wrap around their neck

I eat non stop again..

Thanks to eating non stop.. from this and from previous post

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