Monday, November 30, 2009

Welcome to the family ^_^

Yay, the pillow only took a day to arrive, thank you so much beanipet ^_^
Photo of Strawberry Scone with my other 'family' members on my bed
She is so adorable >_< ~Not related to this post~

I have taken a liking on playing those kid stuff >_< where you take a sticker paper with design on it, then you peel out the paper and pour colored sand on top of the sticker.
I liked them when helping out my lil cousin to do it. ~_~
I will post some of the finished 'work' here later, my collaboration with my lil cousin, LOL


Bing Bong said...

Haha! I liked playing with those when I was younger too. Most of the time I would give up because it turned out pretty ugly. Even my younger cousin is better with the coloured sand.

araleling said...

@Bing Bong: yeah, nice right? Now you can try do it also if you have younger cousin, help her/him play :P You will be surprised at your finished work

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