Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Room also not safe anymore..

Last nite, when I got home, suddenly my mom asked me.. 'Why your room got one hole there..?' I got shocked and go and see... really got one small hole there.. Few days earlier the upstairs people were banging and drilling.. don't tell me they drill until the person below wall also can get a hole -_-''' swt betul.. tat is one thin stripe of steel hanging out at the hole... swt -_-


iknow said...
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Henry's space said...

must be careful o~ use tape to tape the hole lar~ prevent water dropping from there~ in case~

Kelvin said...

wah, did u ask the ppl above? It seems very dangerous.

araleling said...

@henry: got tape earlier, then remove again, coz wan show to committee people today, lucky no cockroach fly out from there, if not..

@kelvin: teruk ler, ya, my dad today going to ask the committee people to come and have a look

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