Monday, March 22, 2010

No Sweat

I believe all of us, well most of the girls like to be sweat free most of the time, especially when they are well dressed for a dinner or ball night. Who want to be all sweaty and looks ugly for their special night? Well, I don't..

When many people gather at a place, the place will become stuffy and therefore make one sweat easily. You might even smell some unwanted and unpleasant smell too.. And for those people who are wearing sleeveless or short sleeves, imagine a person who is sweating all over rub their sweaty arm or hand on yours, isn't it kinda gross and sticky?

Most of us will have interview to go through in our life. Whether it is for job interview, scholarship, VISA, audition and many more. We tend to get quite nervous, especially when it is our first time.. I kind of did badly in my first interview last time, was getting pretty nervous until I had no idea what to answer them or say when they ask me questions. It is always better to be prepared and arrive early at the place. Imagine if you are late and rushing to the destination. You will be sweating all over and very tired before your interview session. The interviewee might already lost interest in you by the time you showed up.

Therefore, it is always a good choice to freshen up yourself at anytime and anywhere. Adidas has came out with action 3 anti perspirant where it can make you feel fresh up to 24 hours. You do not have to worry about sweaty armpit marks on shirts and feel embarrassed about it any more.
Walk confidently and feel fresh today :D

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