Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trapped In Lift

Yup, as the title said it, I was trapped in lift yesterday along with 2 guys and 3 gals (lucky not alone) Can say this was my first time to trapped in lift which the electric was shut down. So basically, it was total darkness like those shown in movies except they still can shoot the movie with some high tech camera to view in the dark. It was kinda exciting actually, LOL, a bit scary but there were other people who were trapped inside with me, so i was not afraid anymore :)

So, I started to call my mom, so that she can notify the office people, and 016 do not have line inside the life -_-''' lucky I got 012 so I use it to call. After that we just wait and wait, the uncle try to open the lift door, but only the inner layer is opened, the outer one we had no idea how to open that. Later I heard a man shouting from outside asking to open from inside also, I was like 'eh? sound like my dad' . But we still could not get it open. Then another guy called his uncle or someone, can say he is expert in open lift, LOL, he came and voila the door opened.

We climb up the lift cause it was about above my knee height, (the lift stopped suddenly ma, so do not have exact position with the outer door) Then we close back the door lo, if not later people fall down then uh-oh. Then he opened the other lift to check if anyone got stuck inside, but the lift is not on same floor (that time we got stuck at 4th floor) He went to 5th floor and open, then find nobody inside, so safe. Can you imagine he open the lift by using a ruler only @_@ so easy!!

I didn't take the photo when inside -_- so dark and 'gancheong' already

After that have to climb the stairs to my house -_- so tiring along with carrying my laptop!!! And thanks to my dad who come and find me also and my mom who went to the office but nobody inside there -_-''' Then only I learned from my mom that, about 6pm already do not have electricity!! What the... I came home at 7pm and got stuck, can you imagine?? How can they shut down the electricity for lift without making sure whether got people or not? Lucky not stuck at the wall type.. that one no need get out already, can faint inside already, so hot!!!

But the weirdest thing is, opposite our house row (we live in an apartment which is a U-shaped building) has electricity until around 7pm only they do not have. Not only that, their side lifts are working!!! What leh.. -_-''

The corridor light still on though

Our side the stairs some got light some don't have, opposite got all -_-

I had a 'romantic' myself also during the no electricity period. Hahaha -_-

Candle light dinner, special right


Kenzo said...

look like GK danao koto~ izzit?

araleling said...

Erm what is GK danao koto? >_<

Kenzo said...

i tot this place is at setapak there =P paiseh~T_T

araleling said...

Hehe, Penang one this one

Kenzo said...

opsss~ a big big paiseh! =P

Tekkaus said... romantic? Candle light with yourself? :p

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