Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yummy yummy at Daorae

Went out gathering with friends, went to Daorae, a korean restaurant. We went to the one located along the way to Batu Feringghi.

Look at all the side dishes, so many varieties. @_@ Korean restaurant really is one special one, not the same like others.

We ordered some meats, kimchi soups, pancakes and glutinous with chicken. The tofu egg is free given by the restaurant. I enjoy eating the grilled meat with the vegetables, I actually eat a lot of the vegetable here!!!

After finishing our dishes, the boss of the restaurant gave us this korean rice cake for free!! It was my first time eating those, I kind of like them, like eating chewing gum, but can swallow. Hahaha, yum yum. The taste is sweet and not really spicy flavor there. Feel like trying them again :D

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kumfye said...

so lucky huh...boss give free food...korean food wasn't my cup of tea...


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