Monday, April 26, 2010

Exploring during the weekend

The beach where it is quite hidden, therefore not much polluted.. beside it there is a lake :)

This is a lake, somehow the photo look nicer than the real one :D

Hehe, I think it is a Turkey? There are kampungs there, got many chicks and turkeys around

Remember this? :D

The lover bridge

The lover bridge.. but already closed.. so do not bother go there anymore.. The bridge end already collapse..

Went exploring the whole day, quite fun and different from usual outing. But got a bit 'sien' (boring) of sitting in car for a long time >_<


jfook said...

Tora..LOL...Got choc inside..LOL...

kenwooi said...

where is this place? yeah tora! =)

araleling said...

Haha, tora, wanted to buy ding dong one but small box, lol

This place is quite hidden, located further up the Bayan Lepas Road

Kelvin said...

Is the lake safe to swim?

araleling said...

cannot swim one, kinda dirty.. hehe..

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