Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Trip with My Broadband

Most of us like to travel. But at times, those that cannot be apart with their gadgets and internet will not be willing to travel as they cannot get to do their favorite activities such as surfing the net, playing games, chatting, blogging and more.

Now, with P1 wimax, they can be hassle free where they do not have to carry any extra wires and practically go online at most of the places. With this, I think we can save more energy on asking them to leave their house.Road trip with broadband will definitely live up the trip as we get to search for the route and find the journey on our own through online searching. I think most of the travelers prefer to find their own way, it was said to be more challenging and exciting. I think it is a very good adventurous experience for everyone. I too had such experience except that I need to find the way through print out map which was harder as I cannot get more information out of that.. hahaha

Traveling and online might be useful too for those who want to meet their friends. As they can update their current status and those nearby can also meet up with them when they read the status.

Besides that, we do not need to worry that we might missed out important event in our lives or forgot to pay the bills and such. When we get to online, we can always just access the e-payment and pay the bills without much delays. Further more, we can read emails and get updated information from our friends and family members. We also get to read news and get updated information on the weather forecast so that we can plan our journey better, safer and efficiently.

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Ep 9/49 - Project Alpha S2

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