Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun Weekend

I had quite a nice day on last weekend despite the morning was a total busy and chaos morning.

After 4PM, things start to turn for the better. We watched "When In Rome" movie. I find it quite nice. Didn't know that if pick up coins from the fountain can actually make others fall for you :D Hahaha. Kind of scary also to have those stalkers stalking you each day and can enter your house somemore. Luckily none with evil intention. Hehe..

Then played some games at the arcade. I really enjoyed playing the shooting game right now, though I sucks a lot at them ~_~ Cannot even aim properly and shoot, simply shoot only..

Had KFC for my dinner, didn't know got new flavor, the Shrimp nugget, the love shaped one. I find them so-so only.. not really that nice.. I think KFC focus on the 'C' can already.. hehehe

How's your last weekend? :)


jfook said...

Long time didn't have kfc already. LOL

kumfye said...

oh no...kfc...can't even remember the last time having kfc...nowadays eat MCd more frequent than KFC

Kelvin said...

"When In Rome" ? Who acted?

araleling said...

Hehe, after long time then go and eat, not bad :)

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