Monday, October 19, 2009

An awkward outing..

Last weekend, one of our friend came to Penang to attend her relative wedding. We sorta asked her out to meet up.. Then one of our friends, is still trying to patch thing up with the friend and another friend.. so when we went out together.. its was an awkward event.. only me and another friends doing most of the talking.. we trying to make all talking together.. but.. it was really really tough.. the silents moment are hard to break...
Even during the dinner time.. the silents moment are there.. well my other friend being quite a chatter box did talk but the other friend who still trying to patch up thing did not talk.. so making the whole meal time very awkward.. I understand too that it is hard to join in the talk suddenly.. but yet.. haih..
Me and another friend really hope that this thing will over soon... although its gonna take a miracle for it to happen.. =|

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