Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Magic?? Unexplained at the moment...

Last night, when I went for dinner with my aunty, I saw this cute kitty just outside the lift there. It always hang out at the ground floor.. I was surprise to find it on the 10th floor.. My aunty thought it was rared by a Malay neighbor but as I remembered the neighbor only kept 2 persian cats.. this kitty always at the ground floor.. Then my aunty made a remark saying that, there is a lady said that this kitty take the lift and come to 10th floor, LOL, can you believe it???

Hahahaha, but this kitty does look like it understand what I am saying, I was sorta talking to it, asking, eh you take lift come up ah? Then the kitty just look at me and meow~~ LOL Then me and my aunty were like which lift arrive first leh, then this cute kitty was looking at the right lift, as if waiting for it to open to board on it, lol, and to our surprise it is that lift that open the door!! We thought the left one will arrive first as it came down quite fast (display from the LED board).

After I enter the lift, I ask the kitty to come in, but it just ignore me ( >_< ) Then I was telling my aunty, if later it still stuck at 10th floor, we better get it down... else it will hungry..

On our way back home, I was jokingly saying maybe it take lift come down already..
Then we reached the lift... to our surprise, it was just sitting outside the lift like it always does!!!
WAH!! I was so shocked!!! It's a miracle, I really want to witness myself that this kitty taking the lift down!! LOL

I capture the kitty picture as well, and it sorta understand my intention and even meow at me, LOL, it kinda pose a little as well XD

Meow~~ Aren't it cute!!! XD

Striking a good pose :)


dreamy summer said...

I think he(or she) just entered the lift together with people lah... Hahahahahahaha....
Or he/she has twins! lol...

iknow said... special.....the cat really cute....coz its color look special, like a cat wearing a mask ..

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