Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sushi King promotion

The RM2 sushi promo is back again at Sushi King. Being a sushi lover, we must not miss this opportunity to enjoy those delicious sushi at such a bargain price. We decided to go to Sushi King after work. My friend arrived first at the 'scene'. The queue was long till Nandos (we went to queensbay mall's sushi king). I reached 20 minutes later. After queuing up for about almost 1hr we reached the front of the queue, however the other members of our group still haven't arrive yet.. so it is torturing to stand in front of the line yet cannot enter still. >_< *droolingss*

After moments later, they are here and we are allowed to enter. After entering only, we just sat for about 10mins and we can see that they are carrying out trays of sushi, then next thing was queuing at the conveyor belt to 'grab' the sushi of your choice. However, I find that this time, the people all were more polite, not like last time, that actually push you or grab your plate even though you are holding it already.

We actually took many plates of purple and red color plates. Our table was loaded with plates of sushi XD so "paiseh" but we did finish them all.. hahaha, so bloated.. And we thought we broke our record this year (number of plates) but we just tally the record of last time we ate sushi during the promotion held last year. The table behind us was amazing, the waitress stacked their plates and it was very high, I think more than 30 plates. Wah.. couldn't helped being impressed... LOL.. anyway below is the picture of the plates.. lol.. plates only :P coz didn't manage to take photo of the sushis we took, already inside our tummy, hehehe :D Better go to Sushi king soon as the promotion only last till this Thursday :)

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dreamy summer said...

yer... i want... haha... *drools* unagi... ebi... wahhh...

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