Sunday, October 11, 2009

Last Saturday I was having my dinner at Red Garden with my aunt and cousin, I saw many people gathering in front the cafe. There was lion dance, some kids doing those martial arts kungfu with fans and swords, few people trying to balance a tall flag on their forehead and chin and a band. After a while, what all those reporters waiting for finally arrived. Mr. Lim (penang chief minister) was there and the whole crowd kinda walked very fast.. hahaha
After that we just headed to the red cafe and have our dinner, we didn't follow those crowd anymore. We had ikan bakar, fried sotong and fried salted fish tofu. The ikan bakar was nice and the sauce was very spicy. I don't like the fried sotong as I find it oily and not crispy enough... As for the tofu, not bad but not that salty..


dreamy summer said...

LOL... at first I thought, "siapa tu Mr Lim?", then I thought, "A relative??"... Hahahahahaha...

araleling said...

Wah, if my relative, I don't know whether I want to be proud of it or live in fear at times @_@

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