Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mooncake festival

This is a delayed post.. sorry bout being so late.. hehe..
Last saturday was the mooncake festival, although I had team building in the afternoon session, I still manage to go and celebrate the festival.. I had my dinner in gurney plaza where some new food booths have been set up. After figuring which to try, we picked Mr. Teppanyaki...

There is quite a number of people waiting for tables, maybe cause the booth is a newly opened one.. I ordered Teppanyaki chicken and my friend ordered a curry pari (can't remember the exact name but it is a stingray fish cook with curry). I wanted to order the bento, but it was sold out.. >_<
Miso soup

My Teppanyaki chicken, I didn't finish it.. the taste was so so only.. maybe cause I'm already tired from the team building event.. I only wanted to drink lot and lot of water only.. (I wonder why teppanyaki always served with bean sprouts.. any idea?)

The stingray fish curry.. I find this better than my Teppanyaki chicken.. After that, we went to Esplanade. There is an event held over there, some dance performances, quizzes, and 'flower car' that goes around the area.. It was drizzling tho.. and we do not have umbrella >_< lucky they build a canopy where public can stand under it to watch the performances.. The condition of the ground was muddy tho.. hahaha... I didn't took any photos on the performances as my hp battery was low already..

Cat head formation using candles.. :) Hope you can see it.. hehe..

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