Monday, October 5, 2009


Hie, its my 1st doodle blog. I had this idea for months and finally took the steps to create and post my own doodle blog. I like cats very much, that's why I'm drawing cat as my main character instead of a human cartoon. The cat in this blog will be sharing what happen as the 1st person instead of myself (landlady). I'm still new in this.. I will try to improve myself from time to time.
I still cant draw the same cat over and over again >_< so sorry bout that.. As for the quality.. haha.. I draw on paper and took photograph of it.. dont have a scanner yet.. hehehe..
This blog will be about my life and maybe on some food reviews as well (trying to a food critic, lol) Sorry for my grammar mistakes as well :P That's all on my 1st post.. paiseh its is very wordy though its suppose to be a doodle blog >_<'''

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rizal said...

olla Ling Ling,

Dropping by here from

Hopefully, you will keep on blogging ya.

Love your doodle even it is only on paper.

Something different compared to the usual digital ones.

Happy blogging ya :)

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