Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Frustrated.. -_-

Earlier, I was really angry with a person, well we are in a same team ma, working on same project, system, of course you should know what's your team member finished work look like right? If not, how you gonna link your stuff with theirs??? But he didn't seem to bother anything at all, as long as his stuff is working perfectly then it is okay, but his stuff is not working perfectly either, since he just key in what he wanted and it display the way he wanted to be... -_-'' what kinda logic is that?? Anyway, I'm giving him the silent treatment right now, don't want care his stuff since he never bother about mine anyway.. geram nia -_-

*I was happy today but ruined right before lunch time.. sigh, so I post this unhappy one first before posting the happy one up, so can replace my unhappy*

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