Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just Pizza

Hie hie, long time Tiple didn't make any appearance already.. hahaha. >_<''' so I gonna put Tiple whenever there is food blog.. lol... I went to Gurney Plaza last week, this Just Pizza is one of the new booth set up.. It is actually located next to Mr. Teppanyaki, lol. As a pizza lover, of cause I need to try it also.. So we ordered 2 small pizza to try the different flavors..

This is Hawaiian Chicken pizza, not bad, they put quite a lot of pineapple and hams to it.

This is the BBQ chicken flavor. I don't find any BBQ taste though.. they are loaded with tomato sauce.. hehehe.. but overall the pizza is nice ^_^ the chicken slice are sprinkle with black pepper as you can see from the photo.
The price is almost similar to Pizza Hut, but I like this better because the crust is not the thick crust type =)

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